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As a tenant looking for a property to rent from us, we understand there is a lot of information to take on board, especially if you are a first time renter ! Therefore we have put the below as an easy to read guide on ow to rent a property from us and what to expect costs wise. 

Here is an example of a property that's renting at £850pcm.

So first you have viewed the property after getting an appointment confirmed from Power Property Management.

If you then would like to offer on the property, you would send us an email with the address of the property in the subject line EG 123 St John Street Ipswich & send this to [email protected]   

Once confirmed by the Landlord that they have accepted your offer, we will then ask you to make a payment to us called a holding fee, (equivalent to 1 weeks rent) 

To calculate this, based on the property above £850 x 12 = £10,200 / 52 weeks = £196.15

Once this fee is then taken from you, we will remove the property from the market and nobody else will be able to view it or offer on it.

About 7 days before your expected move in date that we agree between all parties, you will then pay the balance of the deposit (remaining 4 weeks) which will be 4 x £196.15 = £784.60, add this onto the 1 week holding fee gives us 5 weeks deposit paid at a total of £980.75. This deposit is then transferred to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, for more info see  

You will be provided with a certificate of where your deposit is held and a reference number for you to keep safe.

2-3 days before your planned move in date, you will then pay your 1st months rent in advanced. So lets assume you move in on the 1st of the month, your first months rent in advance would need to be paid by at least 29/30th of the previous month. Your next rent payment date then will be the 1st of each month going forward for as long as your tenancy remains in place.

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